Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back at it

I've taken a break from this blog. Mostly because no one reads it...but also because I feel like I have nothing important or exciting to say. I'm writing tonight because I feel inspired. I think I need to change my intentions. I read a lot of blogs. I read blogs that that hundreds...thousands of other people read also. I'm not doing this so I can get a "following." This is a place for me to write, vent maybe, explore, encourage...maybe it will be therapeutic for me. We'll see. :)


Matt and I went home to Chicago last weekend. It was one of those weekends that just rejuvenated my soul. It's funny...I left feeling upset that it didn't last longer, that we didn't get to do more together. As the week has gone on I've realized how much I gained from that visit. I love where I grew up. I love the way I was raised and I'm proud of where I came from. I feel so grateful for the relationships I have with each and every person in my family. We get along. We laugh together. We share experiences. We do life together. I've really been struck lately with how blessed I am to have all of this.

I have this patient at work...he's 73, and about the crankiest, most sarcastic man I've ever met in my life. At first I thought he was funny. I'm sarcastic...I like when I can be sarcastic with people and I really like it when they give it back to me. As our visit went on, I realized he wasn't trying to be funny. I saw sadness in his eyes. The last time he was in, his daughter and son came along...separately. They refused to talk to each other - they even made me be the "go-between" so they could get all the information they needed about their dad without having to say a word to each other. They were both in the room and started arguing, so their dad asked them to leave. It was heartbreaking to watch this all go down.

My family is not perfect. We have our struggles and we have our disagreements, but we sure love each other. We support each other and we care about each other.



  1. Blessed I am...and someone IS reading this. I love you.

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